Open house – celebrating essential art

This past week we held an open house in our new Milwaukee studio. The event was our opportunity to show a number of clients, colleagues, friends and guests our new space, recent work, and provide a glimpse into our thought process. We had a great turnout, and it was our sincere pleasure to toast our new space with such a wonderful group of people. We’d like to thank those of you that were able to join us. For those that couldn’t make it, we offer this photographic glimpse into our new space, and apologize that it unfortunately stops short of offering you a glass of wine and plate of hors d’oeuvres.

The underlying theme of our event was to promote the reduction of waste. When applied to our work, we feel this is a very concise description of how we approach the architecture we create. Whether we are speaking of the formal geometry of the spaces we generate, the careful application of materials used to build our constructs, or the way we effectively fit our operations into our new studio space, we think there is merit to using a reductive approach to design – reducing solutions to the essential.

We included an art installation that demonstrated the theme of the evening. Featuring the creative re-use of left-over acrylic sheet from which the letters used for our lobby sign were laser cut, we illuminated the resulting negative thus creating a larger ghosted message on the surface beyond. Saving this piece of “found art” from the waste bin, we aspire to demonstrate that beauty can be found in unexpected places, and architectural expression can be achieved through the careful placement and use of light and thoughtful fabrication.

We still have our original Baraboo studio. This rural location remains a wonderful backdrop for intensive design studies. And there we have our workshop where we fabricate larger demonstration models and life size “proof of concept” details. But the Milwaukee space is where you will find our new home base. We hope to see you there soon to discuss your next project.