Progress is imminent

Reality television shows have become commonplace. And there is a niche of design related shows that share renovation and construction projects from start to finish in the span of a single episode. This expediency, with a nearly immediate result, is sometimes anticipated in real life projects. But unfortunately, real projects take considerably longer. The design phase alone can take many months, and construction will last at least that long or longer. The final “reveal” may not take place for a year or more rather than right after the commercial break.

With the TV shows there are many trying moments that are left on the editing floor (save for a well choreographed design emergency that is solved at the last moment). But in real time, the small obstacles of a project can be more jarring and stressful. It is through these bumps in the road that we help the team maintain focus on the final vision. With careful navigation, the design will be realized and the process will prove satisfying.

Historically, we wait until a project is complete before photographing and sharing it with the world. In today’s post we thought we’d share a project still under construction. The accompanying photographs are of the new Brenner Brewing facility in Milwaukee. This amazing new craft brewery celebrates Milwaukee’s local artists as the beer carves its place in the Milwaukee landscape. Soon we’ll have photos of the finished project. Until then, here you can see some of the brewing equipment being set into place. Enjoy!